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Connecting Humans to A.I.

We create engaging AI empowered characters and experiences.
Original IP
Bring your brand to life.

At Animated Intelligences, we are passionate about creating captivating characters utilizing cutting-edge AI and best-practice research based approaches designed to maximize engagement with the user.

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Kevin is best known for his work as a Producer on series such as Inspector Gadget, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake followed by his interactive work on the Star Wars educational games as well as his own games and shows; including Liberty’s Kids with PBS and a ten year run as Executive Producer and Senior VP of Age of Learning the creators of ABCmouse - America’s most successful online educational service.Kevin has opened Animated Intelligences to explore the intersection of character, technology & education with the intent of helping people flourish in a world that gets more challenging every day.


Paul is the former Chief Executive Officer at Age of Learning, Inc. and President of Walt Disney Company Japan (2007–2014) and President of Walt Disney Asia (2014–2017). During his time with Disney, he oversaw the creation, launch, and expansion of Tsum Tsum®, one of Disney’s most successful consumer products franchises worldwide. Paul’s knowledge of character based entertainment and global markets is unparalleled. His personal commitment to utilizing technology and creativity to improve lives makes Paul a perfect fit as our senior advisor.


Kathryn holds nearly two decades of experience in Communications, with a strong background in the consumer, technology, entertainment, and education spaces. She has worked with companies such as LeapFrog, Nintendo, SEGA of America, Disney, Roku, Kahoot!, and more. She was previously Senior Director of Communications for Age of Learning, Inc., where she oversaw the department to further raise brand awareness in the U.S. and worldwide. She carries expertise is press relations and thrives on helping companies tell their story through innovative campaigns. Kathryn is a creative thinker focused on company strategy, and has proven results in strategic planning and execution, partner relations, corporate communications, events, and more. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children. She holds a B.A. in Communications and Marketing from the University of Denver.



A new way of interacting with AI and psychological tools.

At Animated Intelligences, we believe that AI can be more than just a tool - it can be a companion and guide. Our animated intelligences are designed to assist humans in various tasks, from customer service to personal assistants. They are equipped with the latest AI and psychological tools to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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